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Birth Injuries

From the minute a woman finds out she is expecting, there is a strict standard of care that doctors and other medical professionals must abide by in order to make sure that both mother and baby are safe and healthy. Birth injuries can occur when medical professionals fail to do the proper testing early on in the pregnancy. Such errors can include failure to properly read an ultrasound, failure to administer proper medication, and failure to order or properly interpret blood work.

Birth injuries can result from errors at the time of delivery as well. Injuries can occur if doctors fail to  perform a C-section when one is necessary; utilize vacuums, suction devices, or forceps; wait too long after a woman's water breaks, or apply too much force during delivery.


In some cases, it may be a deviation from the standard of care for medical professionals to fail to advise the parents of the genetic issues their baby may have prior to birth. Such errors can lead to wrongful birth cases where parents' lack of knowledge about the baby's condition results in their continuing a pregnancy they might not have otherwise kept.  


Serious or Permanent Injuries from Failure to Diagnose. It is not enough for a doctor to have mis-diagnosed or failed to diagnose a condition for someone to have a successful malpractice claim. There are many times where doctors miss something but the patient does not get seriously injured. A successful medical malpractice case requires that not only there be a deviation from the standard of care but also that the deviation have caused a permanent or serious injury. 

How we can help. At Lawrence & Gerges, we are experienced in litigating medical malpractice cases. We are equipped to find the appropriate expert doctors to review your case. We will do the research and give you an honest opinion about the strength of your case. Most importantly, we understand that someone's health is the most valuable thing they can have and nothing can compensate for losing one's health or even worse, their life. So, you can work on getting your life back together, and we will focus on winning your case. We know that litigation can be difficult, but we are committed to keeping you informed about your case and guiding you through the process. Our consultations are free and if we handle your case, we will not get paid unless and until you do.

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