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Hospital Malpractice

While most of the time, the term "medical malpractice" relates to errors made by a doctor, nurse or other medical professional, there are times when a hospital can be found negligent of its treatment of a patient. Hospital malpractice comes in two forms: a hospital or medical center's failure to properly train its staff and/or a hospital's failure to have create or implement policies and procedures that are consistent with the standard of care.

Hospital's Responsibility to Properly Train and Supervise its Staff. A medical facility does not just employ doctors and nurses, it employs a great number of paraprofessionals such as technicians, nurse assistants, and other support staff. It is a medical facility's responsibility to properly train all of its staff to follow the treatment standards that are generally acceptable in the medical community. This involves training in handling blood products for example or for treating open wounds. When a hospital fails to properly train or supervise its staff and this results in a patient becoming seriously injured, this is hospital malpractice.

Hospital's Responsibility to Implement Policies and Procedures consistent with the Standard of Care. The second way a hospital can be found liable is when it fails to create or implement policies and procedures for its staff to follow, resulting in injury to a patient. Hospital procedures should cover issues such as what is the medical chain of command in a medical emergency, how and when documentation should be completed, etc. For example, a hospital that fails to have procedures on having blood products available during surgery in case a transfusion is needed can result in delays in a surgical procedure, which can be deadly. If a hospital does not create or implement policies on how things should be done, it can be held responsible for its negligence - in addition to the negligence of any doctor or nurse.

How we can help. At Lawrence & Gerges, we are experienced in medical malpractice cases involving both doctors and other professionals as well as hospitals and medical facilities. We are not afraid to take on large medical networks or smaller doctors' offices. We are ready and able to take any case to trial if a settlement is not possible and have the track record to prove it. If we believe in your case, we will pay for the costs of litigation and will not ask you for any money unless and until we win money for you. Contact us now to schedule a free case review at our Springfield, New Jersey offices. 

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