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The New Jersey Law against Discrimination

The Law Against Discrimination ("LAD") protects employees from discrimination based on Race, Ethnicity or Ancestry, Sex/Gender or Gender Identity, Pregnancy, Age, Disability among other categories.  It is one of the most progressive anti-discrimination laws in the country applying to public and private employers alike. The LAD offers slightly more protection against discrimination than its federal law counterpart, Title VII.  It applies to all non-federal employers no matter how big or small, and there is no requirement that a claimant first file his claim with the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights before suing.


The LAD also protects employees who stand up for coworkers who are experiencing such discrimination.  It prohibits an employer from taking reprisals against an employee who opposes or complains about discrimination or who files a complaint, testifies or assists in any proceeding related to the LAD.  Because discrimination under the LAD is illegal, employees that blow the whistle on discrimination may be protected by both CEPA (New Jersey's whistleblower law) and the LAD.  As with Pierce claims and the Federal Law, "Title VII" claims, the statute of limitations for LAD claims is two years.

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